SS16 LED display

Electronic LED SS16 signs commonly used to display all types of business and municipality.
Technical characteristics
  • High brightness of this model makes the electronic part readable 24.7 under all brightness conditions.
  • It can display time and date, temperature, each choice of message, the municipal authorities, as well as moving images and generally all relevant information, in an easy and fast way.
  • Communication with electronic LED sign via RS 232, RS 485, GSM/GPRS, Ethernet ή Wi-Fi.
  • The programming content, made from Top Net management program.
  • Mountable in a special metal stand with the name or logo of the municipality, or any other consistent message.
  • Rhodes SS16 LED display

          The Rhodes SS16 model is a monochrome electronic LED sign

  • SS16 Full Color

          The model SS16 FC is an electronic LED sign three million colors



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