Telematics - Vehicle fleet management

Telematic Fleet Management TVE-TRACK

The Telematics Vehicle Fleet Management - TVE-TRACK consists of an application that controls the position of the vehicle via the GPRS network to a high-resolution interactive map by Google Maps use. This system can estimate the time until the predetermined destination, and allows the user to control and manage the vehicle fleet (e.g. municipal transport vehicles, municipal garbage vehicles, etc.). Through the use of the application the users can streamline all fleet activities, contributing to better management of both vehicles and human resources, having direct benefits in the operating costs. This system is mainly used for vehicle fleet management in both public and private transports and services.

Public transportation

This application has immediate and multiple benefits to the traveling public, as passengers are informed in real time about the arrival of the vehicle via electronic led signs, both with visually displayed messages on the screens, and also with audio messages. As the administration of public transportation uses the application, it achieves better management of fleet and manpower, having direct benefits in the operating costs.
Through the information management passengers are encouraged to use public transportation, yielding environmental and everyday multiple benefits in the long term, since the use of private vehicles in urban decreases. The distribution of vehicles is simplified and management is more effective and efficient.