Talos Pictogram-17 is an electronic LED sign that shows any compatible traffic symbol in a dynamic way. It can be used as a stand alone electronic sign or in combination with a VMS ( Variable Moving Sign ). The excellent legibility in combination with the secure data protocol and easy integration to any back-office control system, makes Talos Pictogram-17 very efficient and easy to use.

The international protocol of communication NTCIP in the publications 1201 and 1203 and TopVIP traffic protocol, ensure the easy adaptability, integration and unification of Talos Pictogram-17 in any SCADA system. In the case of absence of computerized control room this ITS (Intelligent Transport System) can be easily operated by a PLC through cold contacts and report back to the PLC the good condition. This technical characteristic makes Talos Pictogram-17 ideal for roads without control room, as the symbols can be selected manually.

Pictogram-17 is fully compliant with the optical and mechanical requirements of the European EN 12966 standard.

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