LED sports counters

Kronos Counter is a LED timer is suitable for all types of sports. where time precision is essential. The LED timer, Kronos Counter, is entirely designed, developed and manufactured by Top Vision. They are used in sports such as Basketball, Volleyball, Handball, Tennis, Wrestling, Judo, Table Tennis Swimming, Water Polo, etc. They are made according to the regulations of the International Federations and the technical specifications of the General Secretariat of Sports.

The electronic timer Kronos Counter, is made with very high standards and can be used in both outdoor and indoor sports facilities. The LED scoreboards are legible from any angle and the indications on the scoreboard are red, amber and green. The LED timer can be easily reprogrammed to meet the changing needs and requirements of athletes and coaches through a user console. The design and high brightness gives a touch of technology and progress in your sport experiences.

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